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The Bureau Cornavin experts can provide a wide range of consultancy services linked to your documents, and adapt them to your needs:

  • Product studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Document conversions
  • Development of DTDs, schemas, style sheets, and software

The range of technologies that might be involved in your project is too vast and evolving too fast to be listed here, but some examples could be:

  • Basic XML technology
  • DocBook markup
  • CSS or XSLT style sheets
  • Translation memories
  • Bibliographical standards like UNIMARC
  • Dublin Core meta data
  • Character sets encoding issues
  • etc...

Questions that you might ask yourself, and for which we might have solutions, could be:

  • How can I write documents that I will be able to put both online and in printed form?
  • What is the right data format for these documents?
  • How can I make provisions for the internationalization of my applications from the very beginning?
  • How can I convert my relational databases to XML format?
  • What is all this hype about Web Services?
  • etc...

Because we think that everyone should avoid becoming a prisoner of technologies and operating systems, and should instead make the best use of them, we try to offer you the keys to your freedom.

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